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AppVision PSIM facilitates integration to many different security and automation brands. You can choose the system you want and PSIM should be able to integrate it. But AppVision PSIM isn’t simply about driver development and integration. It has a serious purpose to provide better security management.

  • Unified management and integration of disparate system brands

  • Real time incident geolocalisation

  • Automatic triggers for linked processes

  • Workflow and guided procedures

  • Escalation of serious events to senior staff or Police

  • Reporting / log by operator of incident details

  • Audit trail of operators performance

  • Custom features building tools

PSIM Projects
Supervised objects
Script lines

APPVIDEO: Unified CCTV management

CCTV systems are part of everyday life and are important tools to keep us safe from criminals or terror.

There are dozens of cctv system manufacturers but they are not able to integrate with each other. This poses a major problem for security projects where cameras connected to different VMS brands have to be seen and used together.

AppVideo is a stand alone multi protocol cctv command and control integration software.

This package enables various brands and technologies of video surveillance equipment to be commanded by one standardised software interface.

AppVideo can link to a large choice of mainstream manufacturers of analogue DVR systems, digital cameras, NVR players and digital matrix systems.

In addition, the AppVideo digital video matrix can be used to position and visualize cctv images in various formats as required. This includes video walls as well as large LCD split screens.

The platform integrates different video technologies from most mainstream IP NVR and VMS manufacturers
as well as DVR, NVR, MJPEG, MPEG4, H264 and ONVIF :

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Unify different CCTV and VMS brands in the same video wall

  • Build custom GIS or maps to easily geolocate the nearest camera to an event

  • Use custom navigation bars and icons on maps

  • Deploy custom and dynamic icons with custom menu options to choose cameras or drag and drop them onto the video wall

  • Pop up camera displays on motion detection, access control or other alarms

  • Build custom virtual matrices with flexible display options

  • Single click creation of an event hotpot and manual events logs

  • Computer aided dispatch : dispatch mobile units to site with drag and drop (V.4)

  • Standard display formats (X3,X4,X6,X9, …)

  • Multiple screens, as well as dedicated video wall technologies

  • Display CCTV live or in playback

  • Camera pop up on alarm or manual from user

  • Programmable cycle display mode

  • User defined display mode and camera features or even availability

  • Dome camera PTZ using mouse, joystick, GIS / map or automatic

  • Lists video sources : custom, tree hierarchy, on GIS / map

  • Capture photo

  • Video clip export

  • Cause and effect from other connected security or BMS system incidents

APPCONTROL: Open architecture access control

Most access control systems are proprietary. The software is proprietary and so is most of the hardware that it connects to.
Our open architecture access control module is used to unify and manage open architecture (fully or partially) access controllers with card and zone management. It also links access control to cctv and PSIM.

AppControl, provides the same access control management features that you would see in a proprietary access software, but for many systems at the same time.

AppControl is deployed to manage one or many different access manufacturers’ hardware systems at the same time.

It manages badge creation, anti-passback, user rights, door reader control, keypad, ANPR, and even integration to eye scan or biometric hardware.

Some of the AppControl integrations

Main Features

  • Photo ID for each cardholder with pop up display

  • Supports badge printing and personalization

  • Search with multiple filters

  • Presence list (such as for fire drills)

  • People counting and statistics

  • Can be associated with AppVideo module for video verification

  • Centralised Management of Access

  • Visitor Management

  • Supports anti-passback

  • Supports dual card / escort

  • Supports multiple simultaneous access methods such as card + pin code

  • Security doors

  • Access profile creation

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We build long term partnerships with companies that want to benefit from open architecture technologies in the security or the automation industry.

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