Manage your business-critical sensors efficiently.

Know exactly what’s happening in and around your facilities, thanks to your smart PSIM & BMS digital twin platform. Keep full control, worry less and take action when needed.

Let your sensors and systems talk to each other in one powerful visual platform

  See exactly what’s going on
  Take action remotely when needed
  Set-up automated workflows
  Aggregate data for powerful insights


Modular & scaleable PSIM and BMS solutions that fit your organisation like a glove.

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Go beyond.

Futureproof your building management. Add any new technology to your ecosystem. Let your operation grow smoothly thanks to AppVision and Bootr. 

  • We connect to +80 brands and any standard.
  • You’re no longer dependent on integrators and software resellers to get your data.
  • You can connect any new hardware or software without hassle to your functioning ecosystem.
  • The modularity of our solutions allows us to grow with you and we’ll challenge you to evolve when you’re ready.

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