Connect all your access hardware and software systems into one visual platform.

Access and manage everything remotely. Automate any access flows in just a few clicks. Spend less time in managing visitors and personnel. Avoid human errors. Optimize your operational processes.

See in real-time what’s going on in your buildings.
Take action remotely.

Integrate with all major hardware and software vendors.
If you have no access system, AppControl includes a complete Access Control module.​

Futureproof your access management. Our platforms work with fingerprints, QR-codes, ANPR, facial recognition, anti-passback, customized and printed badges, etc.

Easily set up automated workflows to manage access. Create different rules based on weeks, holidays, job roles, internal employees vs. external contractors, etc.

By gathering data from various sources, advanced analytics techniques can create a holistic view of the managed environment and provide a 360-degree view of access risks.

How we do it.

Connect all your hardware sensors and software platforms into one visual platform. See at any moment what is going on in your buildings. Access and manage everything remotely. 
Automate any access flows in just a few clicks.

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Go beyond.
Be ready for the next level of your business operations.


  • Thanks to your Building Operationg System, all your connected data is stored in one safe environment.
  • You own and control YOUR data. You don't have to pay anymore to export and collect data from suppliers.
  • Thanks to the modularity of our solutions and our agnostic approach to hardware and software, you are in full control of what you implement next. It also allows you to adopt an agile approach for roll-outs.

beyond gates
beyond barriers
beyond guardians
beyond badges
beyond cameras
beyond sensors
beyond dashboards
beyond remote monitoring
beyond smart buildings
beyond workflows
beyond digital twins
beyond drones

Our modular & scaleable
solutions fit your organisation
like a glove.

From small operations to large-scale projects. ​Combine the solutions that you need right now. Include other solutions later. Move at the speed that works for your

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