the PSIM platform.

Efficiently manage security, safety and technical management systems. 

Open, scalable and agnostic, AppVision guarantees the integration and control of equipment and applications in a single interface. Whatever the size or complexity of the project, AppVision™ guarantees a return on investment.

You can reach complete autonomy thanks to the training, deployment and development of the solution by us or one of our partners. We are convinced that we can meet any current and future needs of end clients.

We help you bridge the gap from paper to digital.

AppVision allows you to connect business operations and smart IoT sensors. We translate the complexity of your business into an intuitive solution that can be used by internal and external staff easily.


Modular solutions that grow with your company. Keep an agile attitude to future-proof your operations. 

Set-up automatic procedures and workflows that do the heavy lifting. So you can focus on what really matters: insights and exceptional calamities.

Seamlessly integrate all your systems, eliminating the need to bounce from one system to another to manage alarms. 

A powerful graphics engine to create the best layout to visualize and efficiently navigate your unified security environment.

Key features.

Graphic user interface
An ergonomic graphic interface to configure and create work environments adapted to the operators’ needs. 

Alarm management
Intuitive and efficient alarm management: the operator is guided by instructions or procedures via workflows.

Links management
A links management tool to create interactions on events or alarms between equipment of different types and brands.

Creation of plans with the many graphic formats (PNG, JPEG, DWG…) and GIS cartography (OpenStreetMap, ArcGIS…) supported.

Our range of architectures allows you to choose the one most adapted to your project: single server, federation, redundancy, mirror servers.

Audio management
Our SIP client offers the management of a large number of intercom and audio systems on the market. Conversations can be recorded and encrypted.

We provide a range of options to customise your project: advanced user message, email/ SMS notification, multilingual, scenario engine, OPC server, SNMP, BACnet, visitor management, statistics, etc.


Combine systems.

  • Fire detection
  • Intrusion detection: radars, infrared barriers, lasers, panels
  • Video systems: cameras, DVR/NVR, VMS, matrixes, analytics
  • Access control: badges, offline lock, bollards
  • Key management systems
  • Building Management Systems: HVAC, lifts
  • Computer networks and equipment
  • Alarm reception bays
  • Under vehicle scans
  • Audio systems: intercoms, public address
  • IoT
  • Drones, robots
  • Third-party applications: traffic management, parking, meteorology, AI, advanced statistics
  • Etc.

Supported graphic formats

OpenStreetMap – Online & Offline
Web Map Service (WMS)
ArcGIS Online

SSL certificate management
Data encryption between Server/Clients

Supported languages
English, Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Português, عربية, Polski, Română, Svenska, עברי



AppVideo™ enables video systems from different manufacturers and technologies (VMS, NVR, fixed cameras, domes, PTZ, etc.) to be federated and monitored.

  • Live display and/or playback (with recorders)
  • Display in automatic on alarm, on a cyclic display or on several displays with offset
  • Coupling of supervisor alarms with live or playback video sources
  • Definition of pre-defined cycles
  • Dome control (PTZ) and PTZ cameras
  • Digital zoom
  • ONVIF compatibility (video streaming and event)
  • Definition of display contexts
  • Display support to third-party application displays: monitors, IP decoders or video wall
  • Photo capture, video capture, printing
  • Acquisition of events produced by video systems: signal loss, activity detection, etc.
  • Multi-vision display with customised layout
  • Timeline with bookmarks
  • Taking into account video alarms: detection of activities in a sensitive area, dDetection of anomalies, etc.


  • Mix of video systems: independence from manufacturers
  • Mix of technologies: analogue / IP / megapixel cameras, DVR / NVR
  • Interaction with other sub-systems: PLC, intrusion, fire, access control, intercom, etc


AppControl™ integrates multiple access control systems into a single interface to simplify the complete management of rights: access profiles, badges, time slots, etc. Control everything from a single interface. Take action when needed.  AppControl™ is a standalone extension.

  • multi-brand, multi-user, multi-site access control management software solution.
  • Centralised access management
  • Creation of access profiles and time slots
  • Complete rights management: creation of users and badges
  • Visitor management
  • Organisation of people by category (permanent, temporary, etc.), and by service
  • Organisation of access by access profiles
  • Restricted access by schedules
  • Trombinoscope with shooting form
  • Personalisation and printing of badges
  • Badge enrolment
  • Management of zones with the notion of entry-exit
  • Attendance list
  • People counting, time counting
  • Anti-passback
  • Web server (accessible by web client)
  • Import / export tools to external applications


AppMaintenance™ centralises the maintenance management of connected systems: periodic maintenance planning, replacement of batteries or specific components, error reports, notifications…

  • Management of security installations
  • Customised periodic maintenance planning
  • Planning the replacement of batteries in a plant
  • Planning the replacement of specific parts of an installation
  • Graphical user interface in AppVision™
  • Administration web interface
  • Automatic call-back notifications (email and SMS)
  • Generation of an alarm in the event of a missed maintenance date
  • Automatic error reports


Different architectures are available for the AppVision™ platform:


  • Monoserver: single-client or multi-user (multi-station): architecture used on simple and standard installations
  • Server federation: especially used to create central control centres federating local centres
  • Mirror servers (load balancing): architecture dedicated to large and complex installations
  • Redundancy: ensures continuity of supervision.

Communication with third-party systems.

There are 2 ways to interface AppVision™ with third-party physical systems or applications:

  • Via standard protocols
  • Via a proprietary driver developed with the AppVision™ SDK.

Native support for:

ASCII, ESPA 4.4.4, Modbus (RTU, IP, Time Stamp), OPC DA, OPC UA, BACnet, KNX, SNMP, NMEA, ONVIF (Event, Metadata, S, G, T), SIA, MQTT, SIP, Pelco-D.

Proprietary protocols:
More than 150 drivers are available in the library of AppVision™ to integrate with systems. 

Go beyond.
Be ready for the next level of your business operations.


  • Thanks to your Building Operationg System, all your connected data is stored in one safe environment.
  • You own and control YOUR data. You don't have to pay anymore to export and collect data from suppliers.
  • Thanks to the modularity of our solutions and our agnostic approach to hardware and software, you are in full control of what you implement next. It also allows you to adopt an agile approach for roll-outs.

beyond gates
beyond barriers
beyond guardians
beyond badges
beyond cameras
beyond sensors
beyond dashboards
beyond remote monitoring
beyond smart buildings
beyond workflows
beyond digital twins
beyond drones

Our modular & scaleable
solutions fit your organisation
like a glove.

From small operations to large-scale projects. ​Combine the solutions that you need right now. Include other solutions later. Move at the speed that works for your