Life at Addvals

Let us convince you.

Hey there! Welcome to our little corner of the internet. We’re Addvals, a tiny but mighty crew of 2-3 folks on a mission to shake things up. Think of us as more of a quirky bunch of pals than a formal team. We’re all about embracing the chaos, sharing memes, and turning wild ideas into reality.

We’re not here to sell you on corporate jargon or stuffy policies. Nah, we want you to join us because you dig what we’re about. So come on in, take a look around.

If you think you’d vibe with our vibe, hit us up! Let’s make some magic happen together.

Why  Addvals

We help you live
the life you want.

We design our work schedule around personal commitments and avoid the stress of commuting. We choose our work environment – a home office, a co-working space, a coffee place, our kitchen or a beach restaurant.

Thanks to our remote working budget, we discover new places while working remotely from any place with the internet. We navigate through the unknown, we discover and we share. For example, we might know where to find the best live demo of the ritual and degustation of coffee in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, what are good AirBnb accommodations for remote work in Berlin and Barcelona, what hiking trails are best for amazing views in Cyprus and Catalunya and some hidden gems in Tenerife.

We are encouraged to embrace our curiosity – we offer an educational budget that can be used not only for professional development, but for personal growth too (e.g. learning an instrument, taking swimming lessons, coaching sessions etc.).

Live at Addvals in a nutshell

Addvals is a small company experimenting with unusual ways of working. And working in a small company asks for a certain mindset and ethos. “Exotic” experiences are not for everyone, as some people need a more stable standard workplace – no judging or blaming here.

In our small company, where our team consists of just 2-3 dedicated individuals, transparency is at the heart of our culture. While the intimacy of our team fosters deep connections and shared victories, it also means that each challenge is acutely felt by all.

It’s an environment that asks a lot from you. In such a close-knit setting, we confront obstacles head-on, acknowledging that the limited size of our team can pose unique difficulties. Every team member’s contribution is not just valued, but essential to our success. You’re not just a number here: if 1 out of 2 is gone missing is not the same as if one out of 100 is gone missing.

Communication is paramount, and every team member is not just aware of but intimately involved in the intricacies of our operations. We meet challenges with a collective determination, as we recognize that overcoming them requires a unified effort.

You’ll find plenty of freedom here, but responsibility comes first each time. It’s this shared commitment that defines us—an unwavering belief that our small, but resilient team can turn challenges into opportunities and emerge stronger on the other side.

The way we are


We talk about the elephant in the room. Keep in mind that ‘being open’ is not the same with ‘being a jerk’.


We encourage independent decision-making. We also don’t have much time to make decisions for others.


We’re not finding excuses. We’re taking responsibility and ownership over our actions. Mistakes happen.

Fun and light hearted

While we’re serious about our work, we have our fun with it – otherwise we’d go crazy, with all that’s happening in our industry. We share jokes, make fun of situations, and make fun of ourselves and each other. Life’s easier when you’re not taking everything so damn personal.

Swiss knives

We set the role’s expectations and what our responsibilities are. Afterwards, we just get the job done. Just like Swiss knives, we’re multi-functional, versatile, and always equipped to handle whatever task comes our way, no matter how diverse or complex.


Promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship is definitely part of our DNA. We welcome side projects from our team members. Looking for swiss knives is looking, essentially, for entrepreneurs – people who are excited to learn, share and monetize their knowledge.

This is what we're after

Your responsabilities

Do you know someone who would be a fit for this role?

Refer them and get €3.000.

live at addvals

Where we work

At home.

At client’s offices. We go on site for deployment.

Co-working spaces. We have a company subscription to Spaces. With a Global membership, we are able to work at any of their places in the world.

Anywhere. From the car, bus, plane, parking lots, waiting rooms. As long as the environment helps us achieve our best work, we work from anywhere.

live at addvals

How we work

We’re a fully remote team, but we also meet within co-working spaces, either in Belgium or in The Netherlands. We have strategy and deep work days and being in the same space together enables us to get to the root of any problem and think of solutions.

We have stand-ups Mondays and Wednesdays, weekly department reviews, monthly feedback 1:1 session and a team alignment every two weeks where we discuss project updates, events, blockers etc. These are part of our synchronous communications.

But mostly we use asynchronous communication. Meaning our messages are precise, direct and have clear expectations. We don’t believe that messages must be answered in 5 minutes, not even half of hour or 3 hours. If it would have been urgent, we would have called. Our meetings involve only those people who are needed and expected to contribute. We use recordings or minutes for information sharing – for example, we share feedback and ideas via Loom.

What matters in the end

What are you waiting for?

Mohamed Skhairi

Founder & CEO

Vincent Rond


Cristina Damian


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