Connect all your assets into one powerful platform. Organize all communication flows.

Keep a personal touch when solving issues. Increase efficiency through human interaction. Manage operations from a distance.

Communicate with anyone and with any hardware.
Take action remotely.

Interact with a person on-site from the control room. Manage the hardware remotely.

Give remote access to the local fire department, security staff, receptionists, etc. to your latest building plans and information. This way they can prepare for a (future) intervention.

Easily set up automated workflows and rules. Automate communication in multiple languages. Text message, e-mail, ticket printer, etc.​

Computer-aided dispatching based on rules allows your security and safety staff to focus on those tasks that have more added value for your company.

How we do it.

Connect all your hardware sensors and software platforms into one visual platform. See at any moment what is going on in your buildings. Access and manage everything remotely. 
Automate any access flows in just a few clicks.

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Our modular & scaleable
solutions fit your organisation
like a glove.

From small operations to large-scale projects. ​Combine the solutions that you need right now. Include other solutions later. Move at the speed that works for your

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