Diverse and numerous visitors, disgruntled employees and temporary contractors are only three of the challenges office buildings face on a daily basis. 

We understand.

You want to automate the different access management flows for tenants, employees, contractors and visitors along with deploying lock down capabilities when necessary.

You want to speed up elevator wait times with destination dispatch to move people to their designated floors faster. 

You want to provide dual or even triple factor authentication for highly secure areas while still keeping an open environment in lobby areas is another one.

You want to manage heating, ventilation, air conditioning and humidity management with ease and based on weather conditions and with Daylight Saving Time in mind. 

You feel like you have no control. You worry about business continuity, the safety of employees and visitors. You want to secure confidential info.

You want to make sure that the local fire department has access to your latest building info, for training purposes or in case of a calamity. 

You don’t have an overview because your systems are not connected to each other. 

Your sensors are badly labelled and you have no idea where many of them are exactly installed.

When you update sensor information or an API in one system, it doesn’t automatically update in all the other systems. 

Data is scattered over different silos that are not talking to each other. You miss a lot of opportunities because of this.  

You would love to be able to roll-out your PSIM as you go, instead of embarking on a lengthy roll-out of an expensive enterprise solution.

You are very much aware that agility is key to future-proof your operations.

Connect all your smart sensors and managing tools in one virtual platform.

  See exactly what’s going on
  Take action remotely when needed
Aggregate data for powerful insights

We help you bridge the gap from paper to digital.

AppVision allows you to connect business operations and smart IoT sensors. We translate the complexity of your business into an intuitive solution that can be used by internal and external staff easily.


Real-time clarity, insights and vizualization.

Our solutions show your complex data in an intuitive way. Moreover, if you gather all your IoT data in a Building Operating System, you can set-up predictive data models.

We help you figure it out.

We listen very carefully to your business needs, the hardware and software you have installed and where you want to go with your organisation in the coming years. Based on all your challenges we help you define the most optimal use of our powerful solutions.

The goal? A tailor-made solution for your company.

And you can rely on us or our partners for pre-sales consultancy.


Run your business
on autopilot.

Thanks to our alert system, you only need to worry when needed. Act quickly remotely.

As our solutions connect to +80 brands, you don’t need to worry anymore when that one employee who knows everything about all your systems goes on holiday or – worse – leaves the company. As a result, it will also be easier to hire new people.

Don’t let the complexities of your hardware set-up hold you back to scale your operations.

Focus on your
core business.

Your security and building management should run on auto-pilot in the background so you can focus on running your business smoothly. Information has to be available centrally, especially when you have several buildings. Access management should happen without any disturbance. Incidents should be tackled directly to preserve safety and security for everyone.

Experience the full power of a PSIM solution.

  • Combine your ACS, BMS, BIM and VMS into one PSIM.
  • Integrate with +80 brands and +7 standards.
  • A smart digital twin of your building, your site or your operations.
  • Keep control of your building remotely.
  • Take all needed actions for the day-to-day management and when incidents occur.

We help you be

Because our solutions use a brand agnostic platform, you can future-proof your Security and Incident Management. Moreover, all the technical knowledge is embedded in the platform. You don’t need to be dependent anymore on integrators and software resellers. You can connect new hardware or software without hassle to your functioning ecosystem. The modularity of our solutions allows us to grow with you and we’ll challenge you to evolve when you’re ready. 

Our modular & scaleable
solutions fit your organisation
like a glove

From small operations to large-scale projects. ​Combine the solutions that you need right now. Include other solutions later. Move at the speed that works for your organization.

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