We make
your life easier.

Experience seeing all your complex data visualised on one platform.
We connect all your IoT sensors and operational data in one visual platform. No more looking for info in 10 different places. No more waiting weeks to collect sensor data each time you integrate a new element in your smart building. 

Bring your paper building plans
to the 21st century.

In some cabinet, under a layer of dust, are the plans of all your buildings. Some are so old that the ink is hardly readable. The many scribbled numbers and names on the plans indicate that over the years new sensors were added to the building. Old sensors are crossed out.

And each time new software is installed you need some kind of Master Decoder to decypher the colourful work of art that the plans have become. Does your building management look like this? Discover our approach that will simplify your life exponentially. 


Your physical site.

The corona pandemic has shown how important it is for organizations to be agile when their way of doing business shifts overnight. Now it was a pandemic, but any other safety or security crisis can provoke the same need for fast agility.

Looking at your building, city, production site, etc. just as a physical thing that has some connected hardware and software is limiting your possibilities to be truly agile, because you lack the overview.

Turn your paper plans into a CAD model.

Have a recent CAD model of your buildings available? Excellent, you can immediately skip to the next step. Otherwise your paper plans need to be updated into a CAD model, so we can pinpoint with accuracy where your sensors are located. The first step into creating the visual digital twin of your buildings.

We upload your CAD model in your binary twin.

Thanks to your building Operation System (bOS) Bootr you have one place where all your sensors are correctly labelled, hosted, updated and checked for updates. The one source of truth that you connect to when you integrate new software and hardware solutions. Speed up the go-live with weeks to months.

Create an inventory in your bOS.

Catalogue all sensor data and sensor information in one place. Include labels, location, manuals, licenses, API-code, server info, etc.

Set up user rights. <something something>

Have one source of truth to connect to. Let your bOS talk to all your systems. This way your information is always up to date. 

Future roll-outs of software or hardware implementation will have a way smoother lift off. Save a lot of time.


Combine everything in your visual digital twin.

Appvision allows you to visualize all your business operations in a 3D visual twin live video management, remote control over your sensors, communication services and a workflow engine.  Only worry when needed. Take action quickly without being on-site. 

Go beyond.
Be ready for the next level of your business operations.


  • Thanks to your Building Operationg System, all your connected data is stored in one safe environment.
  • You own and control YOUR data. You don't have to pay anymore to export and collect data from suppliers.
  • Thanks to the modularity of our solutions and our agnostic approach to hardware and software, you are in full control of what you implement next. It also allows you to adopt an agile approach for roll-outs.

beyond gates
beyond barriers
beyond guardians
beyond badges
beyond cameras
beyond sensors
beyond dashboards
beyond remote monitoring
beyond smart buildings
beyond workflows
beyond digital twins
beyond drones

Our modular & scaleable
solutions fit your organisation
like a glove

From small operations to large-scale projects. ​Combine the solutions that you need right now. Include other solutions later. Move at the speed that works for your