SPC integration in AppVision – full access management and intruder detection

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Prysm Software already had an integration of SPC panel in command and control mode. In 2020, this integration has been improved using FlexC protocol and upgrading the integration in the AppControl™ module. This makes additional features available, such as full rights access management.

Prerequisites to use this integration:

  • SPC firmware 3.13.1 and above
  • AppVision 4.5 and above

Test have been performed using a SPC 4300 panel.

About FlexC

The SPC Flexible Secure Communications Protocol (FlexC) enables communications for an Internet Protocol (IP) based on single or multiple paths Alarm Transmission System (ATS).

SPC intrusion panels support FlexC over IP with any of the following interfaces:

  • Ethernet
  • GSM modem with GPRS enabled
  • PSTN modem

Check out SPC’s features and benefits and/or this SPC cheat sheet.


AppVision™ is the most open and 100% customisable PSIM solution that makes everything go smoothly in a building.

Main features

  • Command and Control Module
  • Advanced management of alarms (workflows, instructions)
  • Scenario engine
  • Multi-screens and multi-clients management
  • Users management (rights, profiles)
  • High level GUI
  • Links engine
  • Timetable management
  • Statistics and reporting editor
  • Histories and status tables
  • Script engine in C#


  • Microsoft® SQL
  • Developed in C#
  • Microsoft®. NET Framework
  • SDK available and free of charge

AppControl™ module

AppControl™ is a complete access control management software, able to federate multiple access control systems from diverse brands in a unique interface, systems communicating through ONFIV or proprietary protocols.

AppControl™ Main Features

  • Complete management of access rights : access & intrusion
  • Visitors management
  • Creation, customisation and printing of access cards
  • Anti-passback management
  • Push alarms and events to VMS
  • Accessing events and alarms in real-time
  • Supporting all technologies of readers: cards, car plates, QR Codes etc.
  • Counting and people localisation option

AppControl™ supports any authentication system: badge, RFID card, ANPR, fingerprint reader, QR codes, smart lock, facial recognition, automatic barrier, turnstile and gate, retractable bollard, intercom, elevator.

Why using AppControl™ with SPC panel

  • A seamless management of access profiles, having rights across multiple panels.
  • A simplified and efficient management of multi-users and multi-locations.
  • Possibility to keep X first profiles declared in the panel, X being customisable.
  • Easy interaction with all video systems integrated in AppVision™.
  • Possibility to use any kind of 2D map for visualisation.
  • Possibility to create a 100% customised interface.
  • In case the number of authorised users exceeds the limit of the panel, the driver and AppControl™ take the lead of the access management of the users not downloaded in the panel. The same feature applies when the number of profiles exceeds the limits of the panel.
  • Once ACT integrated in AppControl™, possibility to manage both systems in a unique interface.

SPC Panel Integration Features

  • Retrieval of the panel status
  • Retrieval of the communication status with the panel
  • Retrieval of the zones status: alarm, intrusion, inhibition
  • Retrieval of the status of the XBus modules
  • Retrieval of the status of the regions: set/unset
  • Retrieval of doors status
  • Retrieval of badging events
  • Region control (FullSet / Unset / Partial set)
  • Zone inhibition control
  • Output control (logical interactions)
  • Door control
  • Full access management: users, profiles, timetables
  • Intrusion management: profiles, pin codes

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